FrontEnd Developer

Permanent employee, Full-time · Remote

Your mission
Becoming ​in the best front-end developer ​to collaborate and growth in the best ​Tech ​Team making PandaGo the leading European platform for renting electric vehicles for companies.
Key responsabilities
  • Evolution development of new features of the Panda Go app.
  • Incident solving and management for the app
  • Support to design and definition of new features with R+D
  • At least three years' previous experience in similar positions with knowledge of Angular (V2+) and VUE.
  • Advanced level of HTML 5 API (web workers, localStorage, canvas, geolocation).
  • Experience in SSG and SSR, Schema and AWS development is highly valued.
  • Working in AGILE
About us

At PandaGo we help create sustainable cities, making it easy for any company to adopt electric mobility solutions for its activity and its employees. 

PandaGo is a technology company in the B2B sustainable mobility space. Headquartered in Madrid, Spain and expanding throughout Europe, our “Fleet-as-a-Service” turnkey solution integrates a zero-emissions vehicle rental marketplace with self-developed software for managing multi-vehicle & multi-supplier fleet operations as well as outsourced electrification strategy & fleet management services.

We have delivered to our customers hundreds of EVs, avoiding the emission of more than 1.000 tons of CO2. It would take over 100.000 trees to convert that amount of CO2 to oxygen in a year… and this is only the beginning!

We have three main objectives:

  1. 100% Sustainable Urban Mobility 

  2. Build the leading B2B electric mobility Platform

  3. Build the best team with a great culture that attracts talent.

During 2023 we are going to keep developing our platform and we’ll grow internationally. Due to this, we are looking for the most talented professionals, capable of changing the world for the better.

Do you want to make a positive impact? Do you dare to be part of the change? Our mission needs the best people and surely you are one of them.

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